Exciting New Homeowner Concierge Service for San Antonio Residents…
Introducing the 
  “Trade-up” To Your Dream Home the Easy Way
An Exciting New Way To Upgrade Your Lifestyle!
Local Luxury Home Builder Introduces A Revolutionary Hassle-Free Way For Anyone To “Trade-Up” Your Old House For A Beautiful New Home Built To Your Family’s Needs…
… And skip the hassle and stress of the traditional house selling & buying process.
  •  Do you want an energy efficient, clean, new home but are stuck with your old house?
  •  Are you looking to upgrade but don’t want the frustrations or cost of selling?
  •  Are you tired of high utility bills and redundant maintenance costs?
When you build your new home with Japhet Builders, we will buy your old house at fair market value. 

That means As-Is, no hidden fees and we do ALL the repairs and deferred maintenance work, not you! 

This program will not only help you qualify for your new home with little to no out of pocket money, it will also help you move fast and conveniently.

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Jeff Japhet
President, Japhet Builders

A revolutionary service never done in the real estate industry before.
“At Japhet Builders our #1 priority is helping you and your family live in your dream home. The best way we can do that is take the heavy burden away from the customers and help streamline the buying process to get you into your brand new home the fastest and easiest way possible. That’s why we created this unique program never done before in the real estate market.” - Jeff Japhet

Trading Up your house will be the easiest home ownership process you’ll ever experience!
How the Japhet Builders “Dream Home Trade-up Program™” Helps San Antonio Home Buyers
It’s often said that selling a house and moving are one of the most stressful time periods in a family’s entire life.

Let’s look at the normal buying process:
The average homebuyer goes on the endless search for a perfect home, spending weekend after weekend traveling around town with an agent. Often looking at dozens of houses but never finding that one piece of heaven and settling on something that’s close to what you’ve been searching for, but not exactly the one! That’s just half of the problem.
What about the normal selling process?
Listing your house to sell can be a nightmare. If you want top dollar you’ll need to make costly repairs and upgrades, catch up on deferred maintenance, depersonalize your house as to not offend any potential buyers, pay for professionally staging, host open houses on the weekends and hide during showings with your kids, dogs and cats at a moment’s notice… and don’t forget to make those beds every morning!!!

That’s not even talking about getting qualified buyers to your current house, the negotiation process, costly repairs and closing fees. Then you must pack up and move at least once to avoid 2 mortgage payments and get the remainder of your stuff out of storage that you had to hide for all the showings.

The entire home buying and selling experience can be filled with unforeseen costs, frustration and anxiety! 
When you invest in your new home directly through the Japhet “Dream Home Trade-up Program™” we assist in every aspect of the home buying and selling process. 
  • Concierge level home buying process: We design and build your new home to your family’s needs. Every detail of your new home is just for you!
  •  Live in your own paradise:  We build on your lot or ours in one of our beautiful communities across San Antonio.
  •  Easy financing: Our mortgage team provides a streamlined experience to get the best rates and terms on financing your new home.
  •  We buy your old house: We give you a fair market value on your old house and will BUY it as-is, with no repairs or staging needed. Even if your old house needs expensive repairs, deferred maintenance, even if it’s overleveraged it’s OK – we can help.
  •  Avoid outrageous fees: When you sell directly through Japhet, there are no hidden fees, and we cover most of your closing costs. 
  •  You are in control of the timeline: You can move on YOUR time frame when YOUR new home is ready. No two time move, hotel fees, storage fees, pulling kids from schools and double mortgage payments. Finally, a no worry process on waiting for a qualified buyer to contract your old house, have a nosy 3rd party inspector pick your old house apart, costly repairs, difficult negotiations and a 30-45-day close window. 
  • We help you move: We give you an allowance to hire our preferred moving team making the entire process worry free!
The Japhet Family
A Legacy Of Quality. The Japhet Family has a long history and tradition, building quality homes for families in Texas for over 40 years.

Recent Custom Dream Homes By Japhet Builders
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We offer the highest level of personalized service through our Dream Home Trade-up Program™. In fact, you’ll work with your very own dedicated Dream Home Trade-up™ Professional.

That being said, we can only work with a small number of qualified Homeowners at any given time. Unfortunately, our availability fills up fast, and we can’t take on new clients until our calendar opens again.

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